Birth The Future

by Rooh

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Life is dynamic. The events that shape us are sometimes beautiful and uplifting--other times, they are overwhelming, painful, and despondent in nature. Even the silence and stillness between moments can greatly affect our future as sentient and spiritual beings. Each moment in our lives is valuable and precious; with careful awareness, we can make the most of those moments, learn from them, and love. With new perspective, we can grow and see our potential as humans transcend our wildest expectations.

The album's name and theme is a reflection of this. Or, as David Mitchell so eloquently puts it in the Orison of Sonmi-451 from his novel "Cloud Atlas":
"Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future."

If you enjoy our music, we encourage you to share it with your friends. Producing this work has helped us become better people; we hope that it may do the same for others.


released March 11, 2017

Birth the Future was written, recorded, and produced by Thomas Woodham and Dunya Habash. It was recorded from February to September of 2016 in Birmingham, Brundidge, and Pell City, AL.

Dunya Habash: programming and production; piano, daf, duduk, guitar, mandolin, harp guitar, vocals on "Step 2"

Thomas Woodham: programming and production; guitar, bass, mandolin, saz, synth, no-input mixer, tapes, samples, field recordings; lyrics

Karley Chamblee: vocals on "End of the Beginning"

Malachi Everett: drum soloing on "Fanaa'"

Cover art photographed and edited by Thomas Woodham

Special thanks to:

Mr. Greg Bass at Boutwell Studios and Richard Bass, Esther Ciammachilli at NPR WBHM, Matthew Hamilton at TEDx Birmingham, H. Şifanur for the saz, Dala Eloubeidi for shooting locations for the video for "Eden," and to all of our friends and family for their unending love and support throughout our emotional journeys and creative processes.



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Rooh Birmingham, Alabama

This is all of the music associated with Thomas Woodham. My sound is a little bit of everything, but not quite like anything else.

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Track Name: The End of the Beginning
a thousand bittersweet melodies
fill the air below the moon
the silence between us is the canvas
on which these rhapsodies live their lives,
and I know their dreams as my own;
for my dreams rest gently just below the heavens

although things change,
I still hear what brought us together
in words spilling from our hearts,
creating worlds as beautiful as the gems
we see in each other's eyes

the days that pass between us are the foundation for
the countless symphonies
and in the solitude of the nights,
i think not of the tears i still shed,
but of the millions of images we will make
the nuances that walk hand-in-hand among the stars
as we once did in days passed

although things change,
I still hear what brought us together
in words spilling from our hearts,
creating worlds as beautiful as the gems
we see in each other's eyes
Track Name: Step 2
against the curtain of rain,
among the shooting stars,
with a bell in the sky,
surrounded by memories,
i will raise a flag for you
so they'll hear your name

on my distant horizon,
on my nearest shore,
throughout my darkest nights,
within my fondest dreams,
a monument is made for you
so they'll see your face

I see your likeness among the planets
I see your face in the stars
I feel your tears in autumn floods
I feel your touch with the summer wind

and although I may grow weak,
although times may grow difficult
although memories grow older
these idols remain,
and as such
so will my fondness for anything
that has the slightest resemblance of you
for anything whose likeness
carries your grace